Today is Monday January 25, 2021


Trivia Quiz

The Triva Quiz is heard Monday through Friday morning at 7:42. Only one (1) winner per household within any sixty (60) day period.

Questions, Answers and Winners!

Friday 3/20/20
Who was the first actor to win two consecutive Best Actor Oscars?
Answer: Spencer Tracy
Winner: Linda Bullard of Mineola

Thursday 3/19/20
What is the last name of John, Michael and Wendy in “Peter Pan”?
Answer: Darling
Winner: Matt Wicks of Longview

Wednesday 3/18/20
What comedian was a drummer in the early days of Steely Dan?
Answer: Chevy Chase
Winner: Nancy Page of Bullard

Tuesday 3/17/20
Who won the World Series in 1987?
Answer: The Minnesota Twins
Winner: Annabell Johnson of Hideaway

Monday 3/16/20
What was Norm’s last name on the TV show “Cheers”?
Answer: Peterson
Winner: William Stroman of Kilgore

Friday 3/13/20
Who was the first man to appear on the cover of Playboy Magazine?
Answer: Peter Sellers
Winner: John Moore of Whitehouse

Thursday 3/12/20
What is Canada’s $1 coin commonly referred to as?
Answer: Loonie
Winner: Layne Greenslade of Tyler

Wednesday 3/11/20
What was Mary’s last name on the Mary Tyler Moore Show?
Answer: Richards
Winner: Donny Stroman of Kilgore

Tuesday 3/10/20
In the movie “Thelma and Louise” what TV show were the two women trying to avoid being on?
Answer: Geraldo

Monday 3/9/20
What does the Energizer Bunny wear on his feet?
Answer: Flip flops
Winner: Ron Ayres of Tyler

Friday 3/6/20
What famed TV personality wrote the screenplay for the film “Planet of the Apes”?
Answer: Rod Serling
Winner: James Low of Jacksonville

Thursday 3/5/20
What are the names of the Pep Boys?
Answer: Manny, Moe and Jack
Winner: Herb Ellis of Bullard

Wednesday 3/4/20
What jazz legend’s singing voice shattered the glass in the Memorex TV ads?
Answer: Ella Fitsgerald
Winner: Marshall Hill of Tyler

Tuesday 3/3/20
In Harry Potter, what is the name of the Hogwarts caretaker’s cat?
Answer: Mrs. Norris
Winner: Charles Richter of Tyler

Monday 3/2/20
Who is credited with inventing the saxophone?
Answer: Adolphe Sax
Winner: Gayla Trouse of Lindale

Friday 2/28/20
What TV show, besides “Green Aces”, is set in the town of Hooterville?
Answer: Petticoat Junction
Winner: Ronnie Davis of Tyler

Thursday 2/27/20
How many squares on there on a chessboard?
Answer: 64
Winner: Ken Popplewell of Bullard

Wednesday 2/26/20
What is the capital of Washington?
Answer: Olympia
Winner: Richard Townsend of Arp

Tuesday 2/25/20
Who had to be removed for swearing from President Andrew Jackson’s funeral?
Answer: His pet parrot
Winner: Melanie Whitton of Longview

Monday 2/24/20
What is the name for the type of scissors which produce a zig-zag cut when cutting fabric?
Answer: Pinking Shears
Winner: Pat Maradell of Jacksonville

Friday 2/21/20
In the song, where was “The House of the Rising Sun”?
Answer: New Orleans
Winner: Jeff Hamilton of Diana

Thursday 2/20/20
What year was Budweiser first introduced?
Answer: 1876
Winner: Mark McDonough of Tyler

Wednesday 2/19/20
What popular tea is named after an 1830’s United Kingdom Prime Minister?
Answer: Earl Grey Tea
Winner: John Wuthnow of Longview

Tuesday 2/18/20
Which country was known as British Honduras prior to 1973?
Answer: Belize
Winner: Jay Barber of Jacksonville

Monday 2/17/20
The White House was painted white the year who became president?
Answer: James Monroe
Winner: Jackson Smith of Hideaway

Friday 2/14/20
Which cosmetics company shares a name with Shakespeare’s birthplace?
Answer: Avon
Winner: Ron Hill of Tyler

Thursday 2/13/20
What Greek physician is known as “The Father of Medicine”?
Answer: Hippocrates
Winner: Bill Stenger of Big Sandy

Wednesday 2/12/20
On Mount Rushmore, which one of the presidents is wearing a jacket?
Answer: George Washington
Winner: Randy Stewart of Bullard

Tuesday 2/11/20
Burt Reynolds played the role of who on TV’s Gunsmoke?
Answer: Quint Asper
Winner: Patty Long of Tyler

Monday 2/10/20
What TV title character lived at 485 Mapleton Dr, Mayfield?
Answer: Beaver Cleaver
Winner: Kendell Krittenden of Gilmer

Friday 2/7/20
What is Mr. Sowerberry’s job in Oliver Twist?
Answer: Undertaker

Thursday 2/6/20
In what year did the first Chevy Camaro go on sale?
Answer: 1966
Winner: Steve Weith of Chandler

Wednesday 2/5/20
Gamophopbia is the fear of what?
Answer: Commitment
Winner: Chris Chappa of Hawkins

Tuesday 2/4/20
Who is Vincent Damon Furnier better known as?
Answer: Alice Cooper
Winner: Rick Boone of Flint

Monday 2/3/20
What movie earned Steven Spielberg his first Oscar?
Answer: Schindler’s List
Winner: Joe Stacer of Red Springs

Friday 1/31/20
Which two fruits are an anagram of each other?
Answer: Lemon and Melon
Winner: Curtis Thompson of Flint

Thursday 1/30/20
What year did Frank’s RedHot sauce appear on the market?
Answer: 1920
Winner: Sebastian Nichols of Gladewater

Wednesday 1/29/2-
What is the name of the place where Winnie The Pooh and his animal friends live?
Answer: The Hundred Acre Wood
Winner: Will Christian of Tyler

Tuesday 1/28/20
Who was the first American team to join the National Hockey League?
Answer: Boston Bruins
Winner: Jason McCrary of Tyler

Monday 1/27/20
What was the name of the middle Tanner daughter on “Full House”?
Answer: Stephanie
Winner: Brent McKeller of Tyler

Friday 1/24/20
What movie earned Gene Hackman his second acting Oscar?
Answer: Unforgiven
Winner: Alan Adams of Gilmer

Thursday 1/23/20
What type of fruit is a Winter Banana?
Answer: Apple
Winner: Lola Lang of Lindale

Wednesday 1/22/20
What Texas city is nicknamed “The Yellow Rose of Texas”?
Answer: Amarillo
Winner: Robert Baldridge of Troup

Tuesday 1/21/20
What American opera singer was nicknamed “Bubbles”?
Answer: Beverly Sills
Winner: Matt Wicks of Longview

Monday 1/20/20
Who played Jane Fonda’s love interest in the movie, “On Golden Pond”?
Answer: Dabney Coleman
Winner: No winner

Friday 1/17/20
What color appears in the middle of a rainbow?
Answer: Green
Winner: Hershel Massenburge of Tyler

Thursday 1/16/20
Which book begins with the words, “It was five o’clock on a winter’s morning in Syria”?
Answer: Murder on the Orient Express
Winner: Annabell Johnson of Hideaway

Wednesday 1/15/20
Who played Barnabas Collins on the classic soap opera Dark Shadows?
Answer: Jonathan Frid
Winner: Linda Bullard of Mineola

Tuesday 1/14/20
What was the name of the Captain Kangaroo theme song?
Answer: Puffin’ Billy
Winner: Shane Pile of Bullard

Friday 1/10/20
What is rainfall measured with?
Answer: Ombrometer
Winner: David Williams of Tyler

Thursday 1/9/20
What American folk tale character is based on a real-life country preacher named John Chapman?
Answer: Johnny Appleseed
Winner: Jessie Davis of Kilgore

Wednesday 1/8/20
A skulk is a group of which animals?
Answer: Foxes
Winner: Anastazia Rust of Tyler

Tuesday 1/7/20
In what city is Gonzaga University located?
Answer: Spokane, Washington
Winner: Patrick Nichols of Jacksonville

Monday 1/6/20
How many dice are used to play Yahtzee?
Answer: Five
Winner: Mike Wright of Whitehouse

Friday 1/3/20
What group’s honor society is the Order of the Arrow?
Answer: Boy Scouts of America
Winner: Brandon Ponder of Longview

Thursday 1/2/20
Mount Sunflower is what US state’s highest point?
Answer: Kansas
Winner: Mark Shaw of Troup