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Bonnen applauds Governor Abbott’s message in ‘state of the state’

Posted/updated on: February 3, 2021 at 1:02 pm
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Bonnen applauds Governor Abbott’s message in ‘state of the state’TYLER — Governor Greg Abbott spoke about numerous plans for the 87th Texas Legislature Monday night, including increasing rural broadband options in the state. Former Speaker of the House, Dennis Bonnen told KTBB, “This will bring jobs and economic development. Expanding broadband access and Governor Abbott making that an emergency item, that is a big big deal. Because, in our more rural parts of our state like in east Texas, around Tyler, having that infrastructure of broadband put in place, levels the playing field and the opportunity of drawing in people and jobs to the communities.”

Bonnen went on to hit some of the highlights of the Monday night address, “Governor Abbott did a great job of laying out what freedom in America, starting in Texas, looks like. It’s stopping cities from de-funding the police. It’s having reforms on our bail system that is broken and lets people out, that shouldn’t be out on the street; like the murder of Damon Allen, a state trooper. It’s protecting our first amendment and freedom of religion and churches, by not allowing a pandemic or any other excuse to keep people from meeting in churches, and of course protecting that second amendment right.”

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