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Robert Mueller is attempting a coup. Here’s why.

Posted/updated on: December 12, 2017 at 5:32 am
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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Listen To You Tell Me Texas Friday 12/8/17


The initial reaction by the Left to Donald Trump’s election victory was predictable. The hair pulling and shrieking and shouting of vulgarities is pretty much standard lefty fare.

The female-organ shaped hats and the marching in the streets and the foaming at the mouth on the cable chat shows were all to be expected. When lefties don’t get their way, they throw temper tantrums. (When was the last time you saw a march or a demonstration led by disaffected conservatives?)

When Trump surprised everybody and won, I knew that all hell was about to break out on the Left.

But here’s where I got it wrong.

I was naïve enough to believe that it would all die down by now. It hasn’t and it’s now clear that it won’t.

Democrats and establishment Republicans and Never Trumpers and deep-staters and all of the denizens of the swamp have been made crazy by the electoral map. They just can’t understand it. Look at it and you’ll see why.

The map shows in stark relief that Donald Trump won the majority of the votes in a majority of the counties in a majority of the states.

Forget Hillary’s empty assertion that she won the popular vote. It’s meaningless. She didn’t win the country. Donald Trump did.

But how?

A guy that I interviewed in Manchester during the New Hampshire primary, who told me that he had just voted for Trump, explained why in a few simple words.

He says on TV what I yell at my TV.”

Millions of Americas in the vast heartland, that for at least 20 years have been dismissed and condescended to by the Washington establishment and the elite media finally had enough. They found their voice in a gruff, often uncouth political novice.

The Left still doesn’t know what hit them and they’re still unable to accept it.

Thus we get Robert Mueller as special counsel leading an investigation predicated on a completely fabricated “Russian dossier.” That special counsel’s office then gets filled with openly partisan lawyers and investigators. At the investigation’s nexus stands a guy named Peter Strzok, an FBI agent and rabid Democrat partisan who left a trail of text messages to his mistress in which he expresses complete loathing for Donald Trump.

FBI agents are supposed to be above such things. This guy isn’t. That he has now been demoted is of little consequence at this late date. The damage is done.

What’s going on before our very eyes is nothing less than a coup attempt being led by current and former top officials of the FBI. Unthinkable but true.

But Mueller should be very, very careful. Those people in that sea of red counties in the heartland won’t be easily dismissed any more. They’re awake and they’re plenty t’eed off. If you don’t believe it, stand back and watch what happens when someone tries to nullify their vote.

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