ABC’s Shushannah Walshe on the unusual vote taking place now at the DNC.

Posted on July 26, 2016 By Paul Gleiser

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This has been an election year like no other.

This afternoon  at the Democratic National Convention (in fact, at the very moment this article is being posted), two names have been placed in nomination — Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Following those nominations, a state-by-state roll call of delegates and their votes began.

In the end, Hillary Clinton will become the Democratic Party nominee. But it’s not nearly as smooth a process as she might have liked. In 2008, when she lost in the primaries to Barack Obama, she moved to have the nomination of Obama take place by acclamation.

Not this year. Not with so many fervent Bernie Sanders supporters in the house.

It’s something we haven’t seen at a Democratic convention in a long time and it underscores the effect that Bernie Sanders and his followers have had on this presidential election cycle.

ABC Deputy Political Director Shushannah Walshe breaks it all down in this interview.

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