Where are the Republican protesters?

Posted on February 8, 2016 By Paul Gleiser

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I’m struck by the fact that at every GOP candidate appearance that I’ve ever covered, going back to the New Hampshire Primary of 2008, there have been protesters outside. No GOP event is truly complete without them.

Yesterday, at the Hudson, NH town hall for Marco Rubio, this group was waiting for Rubio’s bus to arrive in order that they might make their point — that point being that Republicans care only about the rich.

Two things beg explanation. First, how come you never see protesters at Democratic events? Where are the placard-waving protesters complaining about their spiking health care premiums, the Obama administration’s strained relations with Israel, crushing regulation and tepid job growth?

Second, how come none of these protesters ever seem to notice that every single member of the Democratic Party inner circle is fabulously wealthy? (To be fair, one cannot say that Bernie Sanders is a part of the Dem inner circle.) Why is it that these protesters have no apparent problem with Hillary and Bill Clinton being paid more than $100 million in the past decade for giving speeches? How do they not notice that the Hollywood stars who reflexively support Democrats earn more in six months more than most Americans could earn in multiple lifetimes?

I’m all for the rights of protesters. I support the first amendment. Many protesters — this group included — are mildly amusing.

But if they truly want to make a difference in the political process, could they not be at least nominally informed?

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